Hi, I am Christina.  I am trained as a Licensed Psychotherapist and Intentional Creativity Teacher.  I earned a Masters Degree in Social Work, and have a deep passion and belief in the healing arts.  My interests lie in bringing a blend of modern, ancient, and contemporary evidence-based practices in assisting women to develop greater outcomes in their personal relationships with themselves, and others. I have certificates and extended education in Postpartum Depression, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Intentional Creativity, and Yoga. I am well versed in 12 step recovery.  I also study Dreams, Core Shamanism, and Herbalism.

I utilize a combination of approaches that assist in balancing and creating harmony in the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. In my practice I like to incorporate a combination of healing art modalities. I have studied healing and visionary arts and their ability to allow individuals to sink into a powerful transformational meditative state of being. And with the use of intention and sacred ceremony, I have witnessed in myself and others the ability to tap into sources of inner wisdom and deep profound healing. In my art practices, I like to incorporate the use of dream symbols, and archetypal images as these can be used as great sources of information from our psyche and collective unconsciousness.

My greatest interest in depth psychology has been studying the ancient practice of Shamanism, which has its roots in indigenous society ,tracing back to the lineage of many of our ancestors. This form of energetic healing has gained a great interest in our modern culture and is often called upon as a last resource when an individual has exhausted all other forms of healing.

What’s more exciting, in present-day, the ancient practice of Shamanism is being explored more and more in psychotherapy, and a person can learn to access these sources of information for themselves while creating the ability to initiate healing and empowerment. This non-drug experience can create an ongoing activation allowing the individual to connect with evidence that previously was unavailable. In my practice I use a drum to explore and gain access to these hidden psychological depths .

It is my utmost intention to support women to gain balance and perspective in their personal lives, collaborating with them, using a blend of diverse and eclectic therapeutic approaches that ultimately can provide lasting personal growth and satisfying consequences.